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South Africa

Rise Africa Academy

Our Story

Africa is caught in a futuristic development time warp in so far as its economic and social development as the global village hurtles towards a tech-smart future-of-things. Many African countries are grappling with the realities of 4IR without a preparedness of the fast disappearing wave to ride into a meaningful engagement and with or competitiveness with the world.

About Us

Rise Africa Academy is a non-profit organisation whose focus is the development and readying of African women, girls and youth from disadvantaged rural and township areas to be ready for a tech-smart 4IR nation of tomorrow.

The organisation is led by two black women with both enterprise and corporate experience that share a common goal in empowering women, girls and youth through Education and Technology.

Rise Africa Academy is about preparing African women, girls and youth for the changed economic landscape and preserving their integrity by equipping them with relevant technology skills to be employable and to innovate on their own and at the same time unleashing the potential and power for further creating job opportunities.

Our Core values

Our Vision

Preparing Africa’s next generation digital workforce for a 4IR economy

Our Mission


Mookho Kabi Mantashe